The Increase Of DUI Related Incidents

There are more Driving Under Influence Charges (DUIs) then before, with the world we live in today most of the social functions we attend involve some type of alcohol consumption. We have a glass a wine or beer during many social engagements in business dinners, lunches, cocktails, and it’s become an acceptable part of our daily lives. And in most cases we don’t know we’re actually impaired, statistics show that someone drives with some level of impairment about a hundred times before they face an arrest for a DUI. Most people are not aware that they’re impaired because they feel they can still drive safely and are unaware of the level of alcohol they can consume before their judgement gets affected.

Not only are alcoholic beverages sold in bars and lounges, but they’re readily available in hotels corner supermarkets and even convenience stores. With easy access to alcohol there is a significant amount of alcohol sold on a daily basis. With large amounts of alcohol being sold daily, it appears most people are not going to give up alcohol anytime soon nor does it look like people are willing to use alternative forms of transportation such as buses or cabs. The unfortunate reality is that there are thousands of fatalities each year as result of someone driving under the influence.

With the increase over DUIs in Orange County the last few years, law enforcement has increased their efforts to find drunk drivers these strategies include using of more checkpoints at strategic locations, patrols around or near drinking establishments to discourage people from drinking and driving. The increase of Orange County DUI detections with road checks and officers’ giving increased attention to finding drunk drivers, this has led to more arrests for impaired driving the over the past few years.


Driving Under the Influence

The switch from DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) to DUI in Orange County (Driving Under the Influence) has made the burden of proof much easier then proving a DWI. People believe you have to be senseless drunk stumbling all over the place to be charged for a DUI. However this is not the case, police and prosecutors only have to prove you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs and your day to day facilities have been impaired to charge you with the crime of a DUI.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI and you know you’re going to fail the field sobriety test, it’s best you don’t admit to being drunk, even if you are. It’s best to contact a qualified Orange County DUI attorney as soon as you can.

Even if you’ve been charged with a DUI your DUI lawyer in Orange County will be able to help you fight those charges, there are many areas your attorney can look to help find flaws to the charges filed against you. They can see if there are any technicalities in the case against you. If the equipment such as the breathalyser was used properly, and that there are no impurities in the test results.

If any of your civil rights were violated this can also get your DUI case dismissed.

Your criminal attorney will be able to more carefully analyze your case and decide on the best defense for you. There are many different tactics you’re attorney will be able to utilize to help you defend your rights and help you overcome the challenges that are associated with your DUI case.

Field Sobriety Test